Our History

Rich in history, full of character

The Black Pug, as many will know, has only been called so recently. Many still, lovingly, call it The Millwright Arms which will be forever the name they associate the pub with. However as times change so does the world around it.

The Tudor era building dates back to the 1600’s and was originally the Parish Poorhouse, and wasn’t actually a pub until the 1880. The Original name for the well loved Black Pug / Millwright Arms was The Wheelwright Arms. Although it is unsure when the name changed from The Wheelwright arms it is guessed to have stayed under this name for many years before the introduction of The Millwright Arms.

The Millwright Arms (pictured below) was and still is a well loved Warwickshire Pub with a huge garden and great indoor space for drinks, meals and events. Now named The Black Pug, with a lick of paint and small decor changes we have given the pub a new lease of life and with a kitchen being installed soon we will be open and inviting a family and community crowd to dine and relax in one of Warwickshire best loved pubs.